Wash & Dry

Small size     from $45

Medium size  from $60

Large size     from $70


Wash & Dry **What do we do?

After a full body brush out, to ensure all knots or matts are removed, your dog is ready for a bath. At Dog Campaign we use organic shampoos, so your dogs skin is kept in the best condition. We shampoo your dog twice(if necessary), rinse and then follow with a conditioner to bring up the shine or your dog's coat and to moisturise their skin. We towel dry then use a stand dryer for small dogs and a force dryer for larger dogs. During the drying process we continually brush the dogs coat to bring up its lustre and to remove any excess hair.   





Wash & Tidy

Small size     from $95

Medium size  from $105

Large size    from $120



Wash & Tidy**What do we do?

After a full body brush out, nails and paw care are next. Like your nails, your dogs nails grow constantly and is an essential part of their grooming. We just trim off the tips being careful to keep well away from the quick. Then we clip the hair between the toes and pads on all four feet. Next we gently trim the hygiene areas(bottom & tummy), and now your dog is ready for its bath! After the bath, we groom the hair away from their eyes, tidy their muzzle & ears. 

Full Clipping

Small size      from $110

Medium size  from $120

Large size      from $150



Full Clip**What do we do?

After a relaxing bath we use a chamois or towel to dry off excess water then follow this with a dryer.  The dryer blows out the undercoat hair that your dog is shedding and gets through to the skin to promote circulation and produce a healthy coat.

A styling haircut/grooming requires talented cutters, and at Dog Campaign we have them! The goal of styling is to make the dog look like you want him/her to, whether that be a natural style, a specific breed style, a soft and cuddly look or a short back and sides! Head, ears and tail styles vary based on dog breed, their condition and your preference. 



*Removal of excess knotting or matted coats an additional $10 - $30 will be charged

*Price can be varied depending on the type of their coat or size.

Thick  or long coat (eg. Samoyed, Husky, German Sheppard, Afgan  and Collie) can be charged a little more than the above prices.

*Style Clip (eg. Poodle lamb clip, Schnauzer style clip, West Highland style clip, Cocker Spaniel style clip, etc) can be additional. Please talk to our groomers for a quotation. 


Day Care $40

All dogs are welcomed to stay in our grassy backyard freely without being caged.